Selected Projects

World of Tennis: Roaring '20s and Tennis Arena. Great online tennis games, featured multiple times on Google Play! and iOS App Store.

Joe Blade 3 Remake. A modern remake of ZX Spectrum game Joe Blade 3.

ZX Recoloring Project. A toolset for giving a modern look to our favorite ZX Spectrum games and make them attractive to the new generation of gamers.

Keyboard Trainer. A touch typing training game written for ZX Spectrum ca. 1997.

Wlx-edge-viewer. An AsciiDoc, Markdown, and HTML lister plugin for Total Commander.

Wlx-markdown-viewer. A markdown lister plugin for Total Commander.

Wcx-audioconverter. An audioconverter packer plugin for Total Commander.

WebLibrary. An offline browser/organizer for locally stored internet documents. Allows saving web pages for later reading.

OMML Renderer. An Office MathML math expressions renderer for SoftMaker Office.

Simple Board Games. A collection of board game projects suitable as programming exercises.

Grading Cat. A user-friendly source code plagiarism detection system.

Concurrent Program Verifier. An educational tool for understanding concurrent programming.